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Individualized Wellness Care
for a Long, Happy Life

Our pets go through life stages just like we do, from puppy or kitten to adolescent to adult. Wellness care throughout each stage will help us to keep tabs on your pet’s health and detect any changes.

During your annual wellness visit, the vet will check each of your pet’s major systems- the heart, lungs, muscles, joints, lymph nodes, eyes, ears, and teeth. They will evaluate your pet’s weight, palpate the abdomen, check for tumors, and examine skin and coat condition. Laboratory tests, like a fecal exam, heartworm screening, and tests for organ function are also recommended.

These exams allow our vets to detect potential health problems early, when they are more treatable. Prevention and wellness care are truly the best ways to give your pet the longest, happiest life possible.

We now offer Wellness Plans! They are a great way to save money on all the preventative and routine services your pet needs, as well as a 10% discount on all other products and services.
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Protect your pet from preventable diseases, including those that can be spread to humans. Our vets will recommend the appropriate vaccines for your pet based on their lifestyle and needs.

Some of the immunizations we recommend are:

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Preventative Care

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Puppy and Kitten Care

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Let’s get your little one started off on the right foot.

The first step to lifelong health is an initial wellness exam, where our vets will give your puppy or kitten a full examination and make sure they are free from intestinal parasites. Your veterinarian will discuss nutritional needs, vaccinations, flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, behavioral concerns, and other important information.

Schedule your first exam as soon as you can to ensure that your new puppy or kitten is off to a healthy start. Your first exam may take a little longer than subsequent exams, because we want to be sure to cover all the important aspects of their growth and healthy development.


Preventative care is key to protecting your pets from things that could make them sick, or even be fatal. Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites pose serious risks to your pets and family. Our veterinarians and staff will help you choose the best preventative measures and products to keep them safe. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to discuss preventative care for your pet.

Nutritional Counseling

A well-balanced diet is vital to a healthy lifestyle for both people and pets alike. Understanding the importance of your pet’s nutrition begins with your first appointment with BVH. We’re here to answer your questions regarding choosing a brand, feeding amounts, and feeding frequency. Our veterinarians and staff can also offer advice if your pet is overweight or has special dietary requirements. A proper diet has many benefits, including increased energy levels, longer life expectancy, and an all-around healthier lifestyle.