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Why is Pet Dental Health
so Important?

Did you know that poor dental hygiene alone can be a leading cause of serious illness in both dogs and cats? If left untreated, dental problems can be the root cause of many larger systemic issues which can impact overall health and wellbeing. These issues occur when oral bacteria enters the bloodstream, often damaging the heart, liver, and kidneys. You can avoid these dangerous health concerns by getting regular pet dental checkups and teeth cleanings.

Some of the most common signs of dental disease are:

Dental Disease Prevention

A dental cleaning is just the beginning! Continue those healthy habits at home by brushing your pet’s teeth daily, or at least several times a week. It’s proven to be the best way to prevent dental disease.

Veterinary Dental Cleanings- how they’re different

Veterinary dentistry is more complex and time consuming than human dentistry, often requiring anesthesia and the skills of the vet and multiple staff members. Dogs and cats usually don’t have their teeth brushed every day like people do, so there is more to take care of during a cleaning.

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What we do during a dental cleaning

Before a dental cleaning, we begin with a physical exam, and in some cases bloodwork, to evaluate your pet’s overall health. This can alert us to any potential complications your pet could experience while under anesthesia. We then administer sedatives and general anesthesia so that your dog or cat sleeps peacefully through the entire procedure.

During the procedure, we use a hand scaler to remove surface tartar, clean above the gum line with an ultrasonic cleaner, and then smooth and clean the crevice of the gum line. Before we’re done, we polish your pet’s teeth and rinse them with an antibacterial solution to delay new tartar accumulation. Good dental hygiene helps your pet live a longer, happier, healthier life!

Digital Dental Radiography

A physical examination of your pet’s mouth does not always reveal every source of pain, so we almost always perform full mouth x rays during each routine dental cleaning. Potential sources of pain and underlying disease can be detected early using radiographs, giving the vet a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

Tooth Extractions and Dental Surgery

Sometimes in more extreme cases of periodontal disease, tooth extractions or oral surgery are required in the best interest of your pet. Our veterinarians are capable of performing a wide variety of dental procedures and dental surgeries so that you don’t have to go elsewhere for your pet’s dental care.